Tenacity is part of our family heritage.

Often you’d see her barrel rolling over the fields, amusing farmers and befuddling the grazing cows below. And as the Eastern Seaboard’s youngest pilot, our founder, Rebecca Vernon became lovingly known as “The Pea Patch Pilot” in this part of North Carolina. It may sound unusual for a farm girl to become the Eastern Seaboard’s youngest pilot, but as the daughter of a military airman, daring for the sky is just part of the family legacy.

Along with over 5 generations of farming history.

Once it was The Pea Patch Pilot’s turn to steward the land with her own family, she set out to establish a farm that’s healthful to people, plants, animals, and earth. With the expertise of her son-in-law, Scott, and his own local heritage in farming expertise, organic practices replaced traditional methods to help protect our soil and crops like tobacco were swapped for healthy vegetables like tomatoes.

And a life long drive to use nature and science to lift others.

The Pea Patch Pilot has followed a life of helping people and their animals feel better and live happier, from earning a doctorate in the Audiology field to sitting on the board of a therapy dog organization. But wanted to do more to help people and their animals feel better and live happier. Under Scott’s care, Aviator Farms welcomed some new ladies into the familyhemp plants.

Our growing legacy for higher quality.

Farm-life may be a little more down-to-earth than The Pea Patch Pilot’s in-air acrobatics, but we’re still just as fearless. Now our sights are on one lofty goal: to craft the best quality hemp extract products that our North Carolina land and air, our sun and soil, has to offer. When our hemp oil became known as ‘Liquid Sunshine’ to locals thanks to its sunny golden hue and silky consistency, we knew we had a quality worthy of five generations.